We are now Coil Tubing Partners.

It's time for a partner who knows how to do more with less.
It's time for the most qualified coil tubing personnel in the industry.
It's time for the experts whose achievement and reputation are unmatched.
And it's time for a new name.

The reason behind the name change is simple. We learned that our name wasn't distinct enough to be legally trademarked, and this was creating confusion in the marketplace. Changing it to Coil Tubing Partners solved that problem. While our name is different, nothing else about us has changed:

• The same hands-on management and experienced personnel will serve you.
• The same high-quality service you've come to depend on will be delivered.
• The same regions are where we will focus: our operations in key basins across the U.S. remain in place and continue to expand.

We also took this opportunity to give our new name a fresh look with an updated logo. The new coil tubing graphic also creates a "thumbprint" which reflects our personal approach - one you won't find anywhere else. Every one of our employees takes ownership of their role in your success and their contribution to your bottom line.

Our name is our promise. Thank you for allowing us to be your coil tubing partner.